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These Are The Reasons Why Wearing Cotton Knickers UK Based Is An Ideal Choice


Putting on a pair of clean underwear is probably the most important part of a woman’s daily routine. One reason why women wear fashionable knickers is that they want to feel comfortable and confident. Although there is a lot of underwear made of various materials, choosing cotton knickers UK based is probably still the best choice for you. Not only are they environmental-friendly, but they can also help improve women’s well-being. Listed below are some of the other reasons why wearing cotton knickers is great for every woman.


1. It prevents infection.

One of the reasons why women feel uncomfortable “down there” is because of yeast infections. Although there are many other factors that may cause this, the type of clothing that women wear can greatly contribute to this infection. For instance, wearing underwear made of polyester and latex can encourage yeast to grow as they don’t allow the skin to breathe; therefore, developing a genital infection.


Cotton knickers UK based, on the other hand, are made of breathable fabrics and gentle to your skin. Unlike synthetic materials, cotton doesn’t trap heat and moisture, which prohibits yeast from growing in your bikini area.


2. It reduces itchiness.

Itchiness in the bikini-line can be caused by an allergic reaction to underwear made with polyester, rayon, nylon, and more. This can lead to contact dermatitis, a condition that makes the skin red and inflamed, with painful symptoms including rashes, itchiness, blisters, and more.

For this reason, people with allergies and sensitive skin are recommended to wear knickers made of a hypoallergenic and non-irritant material like cotton. Moreover, it doesn’t create too much friction when worn for a long time, making you feel more comfortable during any workout or activity.


3. It neutralises odour.

No woman would want to smell bad down there. However, it’s possible to happen because of many reasons. For example, exercising, pubic sweating, and excess body weight can build up too much moisture in the genital area, resulting in a foul odour.


Fortunately, cotton allows enough airflow and absorbs moisture to prevent odour from building up. This material doesn’t only get more durable when it absorbs moisture but is also easier to sterilise after use, preventing odour-causing bacteria from growing any further. This is why it’s suitable to wear cotton clothing during the hot season as bacteria likes to grow in such temperatures.    


4. It provides comfort.

A pair of underwear made of pure, organic cotton can give you a higher level of comfort any time of the day. Since it’s durable, soft and stretchable, you can move freely even during strenuous activities. It can also make you feel cooler during hot seasons and warm you up when it’s cold, thanks to the cotton’s fibres which trap cool and warm air between the skin and the underwear.  


Some people prefer to wear cute lingerie to look attractive and feel good, but this can be at the cost of one’s health. So always remember to look for an alternative pair of fashionable underwear that benefits your health. With this in mind, you can never go wrong if you buy a piece of lingerie from excellent cotton knickers UK based shops.


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